Sustainability at Whatuwhiwhi TOP 10 Holiday Park

We have reduced our demand on energy by:

  • Installing low energy light bulbs in over 80% of our premises; replacing the rest as needed and using energy-efficient timers and motion sensor equipment on exterior and interior lighting
  • Offering you the opportunity to re-use towels and linen to reduce energy and water use
  • Buying our products from local sources which both support employment in our area and reduce transport emissions
  • Upgrading appliances with energy efficient models

We reduce our waste by:

  • Reusing newspapers for the fish shed
  • Send food scraps to the local farmers
  • Supplying recycle bins in rooms and on grounds in easy to access areas
  • Buying in bulk, purchasing products with recyclable or biodegradable packaging

Conserving water by:

  • Installing flow restrictors on taps and shower heads to reduce the flow of water in rooms and communal areas
  • Installed dual flush toilets
  • Installing waterless urinals in ablution block.
  • Mulching our gardens

We reduced pollution by:

  • Using biodegradable and non toxic cleaning products and systems
  • Installing timers on exterior lighting, for campers convenience and less disturbance
  • Sourcing our products locally to reduce carbon emissions from transport
  • Reducing carbon emissions by servicing our vehicles regularly and keeping them tuned
  • Recycling print cartridges and recycling paper

We encourage conservation by:

  • Planting native trees and shrubs, this encourages our local birdlife and reduces the need for watering and using responsible measures to control pests
  • Providing a herb garden near the communal kitchen areas

We participate in our local community by:

  • Donating used or forgotten property to our local charities
  • Sponsorship for our local Fire Departments, Schools and Coastguard
  • Always offering employment to local residents first,
  • Encouraging our staff to commit to our environment practices
  • Actively supporting and referring other businesses.